• Clock Tower

    Uhrturm, Am Schlossberg, Graz, Austria .

    The landmark of Graz amazes with its old bell and the swapped hands. This is unique.
    Enjoy the fantastic view over Graz.

    (c) Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer

  • Double spiral staircase

    Doppelwendeltreppe, Burggasse, Graz, Austria .

    The Burg in Graz is the official headquarter of the regional government. Particularly striking is the double spiral staircase, seeming almost like an optical illusion. 

    (c) Graz Tourismus - Hans Wiesenhofer

  • Island in the Mur

    Murinsel, Mariahilferplatz, Graz, Austria .

    The Island is a link between river "Mur" and the city, a wonderful place to drink coffee or enjoy a cocktail. It was commissioned as part of the city’s role as Capital of Culture in 2003.

    (c) Graz Tourismus - Harry Schiffer 

  • Schöckl - mountain of Graz

    Schöcklseilbahn - Talstation, Schöcklstraße, Sankt Radegund bei Graz, Austria .

    Graz's local mountain, at 1,445 meters, is a very popular excursion destination. In summer as well as in winter, the mountain invites you to go for a walk and hike. A gondola facilitates the ascent and descent.

    © Region Graz - Hans Wiesenhofer